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Chapter ONE

•  first focus:                am, is, ‘m, ’s (the verb ‘to be’), 

•  second focus:         I like, she likes, he likes

Chapter TWO

•  first focus:   

       I am                   I’m            I’m busy.

       you are           you’re     You’re famous.

       she is               she’s         She’s important.        

       we are            we’re        We’re Russian.

       they are.       they’re    They’re Chinese.

•  second focus:  

       Am I beautiful?                     Yes, I’m beautiful.                  No, I’m not beautiful.

      Are you Canadian?              Yes, you’re Canadian.         No, you’re not Canadian.

      Is he important?                    Yes, he’s important.              No, he’s not important.            No, he isn’t important.    

      Are we famous?                     Yes, we’re famous.                No, we’re not famous.

      Are they busy?                        Yes, they’re busy.                  No, they’re not busy.                   No, they aren’t busy.

Chapter THREE

•  first focus:      

            do I?                           I do                         I don’t 

            do you?                    you do                  you don’t

            does she?                she does             she doesn’t   

•  second focus:  

             do I like?                 I like                      I don’t like

             do you like?          you like               you don’t like

             does she like?     she likes              she doesn’t like

Chapter FOUR

•  first focus:      

            can I?                        I can                         I can’t 

            can you?                 you can                  you can’t

            can she?                  she can                   she can’t   

•  second focus:  

             I like to sleep.                You need to go.              He wants to eat

Chapter FOUR coming soon

Chapters FIVE, SIX, SEVEN … TEN … coming soon … 


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